Made to order bikinis for adventurous girls.
Made to order bikinis for adventurous girls.

Be a unicorn in made for you bikinis.

Create your perfect bikini from a rainbow of colors, styles and fabrics. Go glam. Go glitter. Be innocent or not so innocent. Express yourself with endless color combinations. After all, it’s your life to do whatever you want.

Design Your Dream Bikini

1.  Choose a top and bottom style. Go big or go small. You decide.

2. Pick the fabric and express yourself in camo, neon, glitter, or mesh.

3.  Select a trim color to match or clash. There’s 14 to pick from, so go crazy.

4.  Place your order and we'll  start sewing just for you.

5.  Try it on. Look super. Do the happy dance.

6.  Wear it wherever you might run into your ex and your future ex.



Camouflage Bikinis

Sucker for camo? So are we!

Join the army of Lolo girls in your favorite style and camo patterns. 

Sparkly bikinis

Looking for glitter? We have a bunch.

Choose your favorite sparkle and shine bright.

Rainbow bikinis

Don't settle for basic colors. Choose them all.

Mesh Bikinis

Oh yes we did. And oh yes you can!

Create your personal scandal with a little see through or a lot see through bikini.  

Graphic Bikinis

Have something that you’d like to say?

Pick from one of our's or tell us what you want. We dare ya!

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